3. Ongoing Implementation Coaching

After the Implementation Team completes the 12-Meeting Planning Process, the facilitator’s role shifts to that of a coach. Through regular coaching meetings recovery and implementation science principles are reinforced, and teams are supported to keep moving forward with implementation.

  • 1. Support the Implementation Team throughout the advanced planning stage

    Implementation Teams at this point have an implementation plan, but are not yet ready to implement their innovations. They are entering an advanced planning stage where the details of the innovation get ironed-out, permissions and resources are secured, engagement activities are conducted and key players are recruited. The facilitator empowers teams to gradually take the lead and coaching meetings every two weeks bring both structure and flexibility to ongoing implementation coaching.

  • 2. Accompany the implementation process

    Once implementation of the new recovery-oriented innovation begins, the implementation phase begins! This new phase is exciting but can also be turbulent with change occurring at many levels. It is important for the Implementation Team to keep meeting to oversee the implementation process and troubleshoot issues along the way. The facilitator continues to support the team through monthly coaching meetings.

  • 3. Bring the facilitation process to a close

    Once the innovation is up and running in the organisation, the Walk the Talk process can be brought to a conclusion. When this occurs will depend on the resources the organisation has for continuing Ongoing Implementation Coaching. Plans need to be made around the future of the Implementation Team, and its role in overseeing the sustainment of the innovation in the organisation. The facilitator needs to lead a process of taking stock, celebrating collective achievements, and ending what has been a long-term relationship with the Implementation Team.

Let us know how following this process worked-out for you and the organization.