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2. Conducting the 12-Meeting Planning Process

Over six months, the facilitator animates 12 meetings every two weeks with the Implementation Team. Meetings are designed to achieve six Milestones that make up an Action Plan.

6 Milestones that make up an Action Plan

How it is organized

The toolkit materials for each meeting are organized into two packages: the Facilitator Guide (materials the facilitator needs to conduct the meeting), and Handouts (what the facilitator needs to provide to the Implementation Team members during the meeting). Other resources, such as videos, are embedded on the webpage for each meeting.

Meeting 5 – Brainstorming and comparing recovery-oriented innovations

The Implementation Team will brainstorm a list of innovations they would be interested in implementing, starting with the list of actions provided in their chosen sub-guideline. To help move towards a choice, these will be compared to determine which are most acceptable and feasible

Meeting 7 – Designing the recovery-oriented innovation

In order to adapt the chosen innovation to the needs and resources of the organisation, in this meeting the Implementation Team will be presented with examples from the literature of similar innovations and their key characteristics. The goal is to get much more specific about the innovation.

Meeting 11 – Engagement meeting with key stakeholders

During the first half of the meeting the Implementation Team will present their planned innovation and action plan to key stakeholders. In the second half of the meeting the feedback from stakeholders will be discussed and written-in to the Action Plan.

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