Find out more about this toolkit and about implementing recovery into services

Below you can find relevant research publications and fact sheets relating to the Walk the Talk toolkit. The external resources section provides links to some key documents and websites in mental health, recovery-transformation of services, and implementation.

Useful links and resources

The Canadian Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Practice

Walk the Talk was created to facilitate the implementation of Chapter 6 of these guidelines. The guideline, including all 6 of its chapters, is a key resource in Canada for recovery transformation.

Canada’s Mental Health Strategy

In 2013, the first mental health strategy called Changing Directions, Changing Lives was published in Canada. Fostering recovery is one of six strategic directions.

Recovery-oriented practice: An implementation toolkit

In 2021 the Mental Health Commission of Canada released its own toolkit to assist organisations with implementing the recovery guidelines.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Visit this website to find out about this community mental health organisation and the multiple programs it provides, including peer support and recovery colleges.

The Homeless Hub

A website curated by The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, the largest national research institute devoted to homelessness in Canada.

The Schizophrenia Society of Canada

A non-profit, charitable organisation that represents and advocates for the voice of people living with schizophrenia and psychosis and their families.

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health

An alliance of 13 mental health groups across Canada that advocate for mental health support at the national level.

PSR Canada

In Canada, the recovery movement and psychosocial rehabilitation have overlapping origins and PSR Canada is working to push recovery forward into services.

Association Québecoise pour la Réhabilitation Psychosociale (AQRP)

The Québec association for psychosocial rehabilitation provides a number of resources, including certified training for peer workers.

Recovery Research Network (RRN)

A network researchers in the field of mental health recovery which originated out of the REFOCUS program in the UK, but which now includes members from 47 countries.

Association des pairs-aidants du Québec

A fully peer-managed peer worker association that represents peer support workers’ interests and promotes their integration into the workforce.

Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC)

A not-for-profit organisation in the United Kingdom that offers bespoke consultancy and training to organisations looking to transform their services towards a recovery orientation.

Australia’s National Framework for Recovery-Oriented Services

The national framework (guide) for recovery-transformation of services in Australia. Canada’s guidelines borrowed some of it’s content and took inspiration from its format.

WHO QualityRights Tool Kit

A toolkit produced by the World Health Organisation in 2012 for assessing and improving quality and human rights in mental health and social care facilities.

Scottish Recovery Network

A small team of experts, funded by the Scottish government, who support mental health, wellbeing and recovery using co-design and co-production approaches and produce a range of resources and programs.