Meeting 10 – Defining and specifying implementation strategies for the recovery-oriented innovation

The facilitator will use an implementation science tool for matching barriers to strategies and will present the Implementation Team with possible strategies to help overcome challenges they identified in the last two meetings. Chosen strategies will be defined and specified.

Meeting 8 – Identifying potential challenges or hurdles to implementing the recovery-oriented innovation

The first half of the meeting focuses on finalising the detailed description of the innovation based on the results of the last meeting’s exercises. Part two of the meeting will be spent introducing and playing the CFIR Card Game to identify potential challenges in the “inner setting”.

Meeting 3 – Developing recovery-promoting partnerships and building a recovery-oriented workforce

Implementation Teams will consider, through a range of engaging exercises, what the organisation is already doing, or what more could be done to implement the third and fourth sub-guidelines in Chapter 6. 6C is about developing organisational partnerships that support recovery, and 6D about creating a recovery-oriented workforce.

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