Walk the Talk Toolkit, a process for facilitating recovery-transformation of services

Walk the Talk provides concrete tools for facilitating the process of implementing Chapter 6 of the Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Practice.

Welcome to the Walk the Talk toolkit

In this short video Dr. Myra Piat introduces the Walk the Talk toolkit and how it can be used to push the implementation of mental health recovery forward into services.

A bottom-up approach to transformation

Chapter 6 and its four sub-guidelines are all about transforming services and systems towards a recovery-orientation. Walk the Talk helps organisations to make their own choices around what to implement from these guidelines and how.


The toolkit is not just a list of actions, but a how-to resource to be used by a designated facilitator.


Implementation science concepts are integrated into practical actions and activities that streamline the process.


Recovery-oriented principles such as choice and empowerment are incorporated at every opportunity.

The toolkit has three sections – explore them here!

Chris Summerville Headshot

“What an exciting and inspirational journey working as an Implementation Team member of “Walk the Talk Toolkit”! As an advocate for the recovery philosophy and recovery-oriented mental health services for 30 years, it is with joy that I commend to you this evidenced-based implementation toolkit. Your organisation will never be the same once you commit to the principles and values of recovery. Recovery is possible. Hope changes everything!”
Chris Summerville, CEO of Schizophrenia Society of Canada

Find out more about Walk the Talk

Find out more about Walk the Talk

This toolkit was developed in a research project involving multiple partners. Seven organisations successfully used the toolkit to implement a recovery-oriented innovation in-line with the recovery guidelines.